STL Science Center

STL Science Center

23 February 2018

A Turtley Picture

A lot of images online are non-descript turtles; sometimes freshwater turtles manage to sneak into the search results for Desmatochelys. A number of unidentified, both artist and subject, turtles also appear, making finding an accurate interpretation as well as attributing that interpretation almost impossible in some ways. Regardless, a lot of turtle illustrations are really great, for a number of different reasons. The underwater lighting in most of these images that I have looked at today is wonderfully done, which further enhances the natural majesty of these giant marine turtles. Desmatochelys in action looks, no matter the artist, like many other sea turtles as they swim through the scene in which they are depicted. This version of Desmatochelys is fairly majestic, but has a few non-majestic characteristics as well (I think it might be the angle of the head).

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