STL Science Center

STL Science Center

01 February 2018

Popular Teeth

Placodus is a very well known marine reptile to a majority of paleontologists and the public at large. As stated on Monday, even with this popular knowledge out there floating around Placodus remains largely absent from popular culture. This is far from the first time that a widely known fossil animal has made little or not impact in popular culture. However, this armored "Triassic sea cow" has managed to exist in somewhat common knowledge despite the lack of references. Instead of harping on the lack of references, though, let us quickly look at some of the items that have managed to exist and further knowledge about Placodus. One such item is a cast that could be bought, and may have shown up in fossil theme parks. The cast is a little different from most interpretations of Placodus, but does still bear a good resemblance to the animal, particularly the front teeth, and is reasonably priced, for a large statue of a Triassic reptile. Scientific models like those made by Jacek Major and Jarosław Kołodziejski are of slightly higher accuracy, but are not mentioned specifically as being for sale. If statues and scientific models are a little big or expensive, there are toys, though I have found out that these are discontinued toys made by a company called Playvision. Placodus is shown second from the left in the bottom row:

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