STL Science Center

STL Science Center

13 February 2018

Anatomy of a Titan

When Calvo, et al. (2007) described the titanosaur Futalognkosaurus they knew that their animal was one of the most immense animals that ever lived and that it was big for a sauropod, which we can all admit is saying something. Imagine someone describing a whale as "enormous, for a whale" and you might have a good idea of the scale of intensity of describing a sauropod that was larger than others of its kind. The description that Calvo, et al. released included some nice photographs, location details, and skeletal maps of Futalognkosaurus. It is not like we do not expect this kind of thing from a description paper, it is just always fairly delightful when this kind of thing is done well and in vibrant colors, as this paper is.

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