STL Science Center

STL Science Center

26 February 2018

The Ancient Earth

I would like to start off today by admitting that I am an absolute sucker for documentaries about animals, not specifically fossil animals either, but animals in general. That is why, despite a large number of videos of animatronic Titanophoneus models and numerous "tribute" videos on YouTube, I want to share a somewhat lower budget documentary about the Permian today. As we should remember, Titanophoneus was a massive predator of the Permian and used its size as well as relatively large canine teeth to subdue ts prey. The producers of the show Ancient Earth, CuriousityStream, run an on demand online streaming site that shows scientific, historical, and technology content (think of it as Discovery back in the mid-90's). A free trial is available for the service and it is the only way I have found, so far, to watch the documentary Ancient Earth. This show has an episode on the Permian which features Titanophoneus and discusses the Permian mass extinction. The two clips linked here show trailers of the show that mention and show Titanophoneus as it appears in the documentary.

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