STL Science Center

STL Science Center

03 March 2017

A Beautiful Parakeet

There are a lot of illustrations and models of Carolina parakeets all over North America in museums and hanging on walls. The internet has even more copies of both the illustrations and the models posted all over the place. Deciding what the best image of Conuropsis is online could take ages and, unlike some of the images we have posted in the past for dinosaurs and other fossil animals, there are none that stand out automatically because they are overly dynamic or show excessive action. One of the few very illustrations that draws the viewer in with action and movement is Michael Rothman's 1984 and 2010 paintings of groups of parakeets flitting about some non-descript trees. One of the more "cute" illustrations Kristina Knowski's watercolor Carolina parakeets nuzzling one another. Possibly my favorite painting of Carolina parakeets is Walton's Ford reimagination of the classic painting the "Death of General Wolfe". If you have not seen the original, please look it over, but  either way, enjoy Ford's interpretation:
©Walton Ford

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