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STL Science Center

25 March 2017

Early Archosaurs of the Triassic

Pavel.Riha.CB at the English language Wikipedia
Lagosuchus talampayensis is an early archosaur recovered from the Triassic rocks of Argentina. The ChaƱares Formation represents the Middle Triassic (230 MA) and, barring recent publications until their results can be independently verified, the some of the earliest remains of archosaurs representing the earliest dinosaurs. Discovered in the 1970's and initially described by Romer in 1971, it has been described by many as a nomen dubium by many. A second species was reassigned in 1994, making the description and known material to be even more questionable. That material is somewhat minuscule in nature as well, which does not help. Instead, we will look at what is known about Lagosuchus, its relatives and what its relationships mean for the current phylogeny of archosaurs.

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