STL Science Center

STL Science Center

28 March 2017

Descriptions and Opinions

Lagosuchus remains, questionable and otherwise, have been described and analyzed many times over. Due to the controversial nature of the remains and phylogeny of Lagosuchus there are not many articles on the animal aside from descriptions of the original materials. These are not hosted online in easily accessible ways because they are slightly older documents from the early 1970's. New material descriptions are available online however, allowing us to look at the known materials and understand how much Lagosuchus material is known to science. There are a lot of papers that use Lagosuchus and the family that was named after it (Lagosuchidae) to describe and discuss archosaur phylogeny. Key in these papers are articles discussing the ankle joint and whether or not there is even any consensus on what the ankle and the accepted basal archosaur tree mean to overall archosaur phylogeny.

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