STL Science Center

STL Science Center

30 March 2017

A Famous Archosaur

Lagosuchus is well known throughout the paleontology and throughout the popular dinosaur and fossil enthusiast circles. The general public may have heard the name of the archosaur, but not as regularly as any other fossil and less than many more. Despite this unsteady popularity Lagosuchus has appeared in a number of different popular streams, books, and cartoons. These include a brief appearance in the original The Land Before Time, though it appears as an announced and non-descript small reptile running around the sauropod next in the opening scenes, but is radically out of temporal context. This version of the reptile is also a victim of the 1980's illustrative process that made most dinosaurs look emaciated and a terrible green color. Lagosuchus has also appeared in a number of texts and popular paintings. Possibly one of the most well-known paintings is one by Douglas Henderson that still looks very lizard-like. This painting is shared on Henderson's website, though it has also leaked onto the internet elsewhere, unfortunately.

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