STL Science Center

STL Science Center

12 March 2017

Snake Facts

Everyone loves good facts about fossil snakes. The evolutionary history of snakes is actually coming to light in recent years and recent studies which is of great importance to what we know of both fossil and extant snakes. We actually have a great deal of information about Titanoboa, which is not entirely rare for a given snake, but is less often an occurrence than we typically see in many dinosaurs or fossil mammals. The number of websites hosting facts about Titanoboa are extremely numerous; most are filled with only scientific fact, but there are so many that fact checking all of them would be nearly impossible. Websites we use here a lot, like About (About's dinosaur pages now reroute to a site called ThoughtCo) and Prehistoric Wildlife. New sites that we have used sparingly so far like New Dinosaurs also have facts on the giant snake, despite Titanoboa not being a dinosaur. Dedicated snake websites also share facts about the giant boid like the aptly named Snake Facts site. There are also numerous videos that share information, facts, and animated recreations of the snake that are of great educational value; however, some of these will be saved for Monday.

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